Resume ir. J. Maltha


Technical University Delft - Master in Mechanical Engineering and Applied Mathematics(1975)
Technical College Rotterdam - Mechanical Engineer (1968)


Specific experience in restructing public organisations and companies with: General Management, Technical Management, Major Projects, Strategic Decision Making. 



Procesmanager for Amsterdam municipality (Oud-Zuid) to integrate a complex metro station in a large shopping street including redevelopment of shopping area.


Manager ad interim of major investment in upgrading the Amsterdam sewerage system. Building of 40 large bufferresevoirs in the old city and 200 projects to partial enlarge the main sewer pipelines. Acting as project principal.


Manager ad interim, division of Public works of Municipality of Amsterdam (Oud-Zuid) Responsible for 300 people working in garbage disposal, road reconstruction, maintenance of city parks etc. Also acting principal of major projects such as development of new houses (900), renovation of city parks etc.


Interim director of Corporate Procurement at Rabobank Group (leading Dutch Agro-Insurance banking organisation). Responsible for restructuring of all purchase procedures of the Rabobank Group, including all affiliated companies.


KLM N.V. Royal Dutch Airline Company
Interim-manager responsible for restructuring non-airline purchases for Facility Services, Real Estate Development, Maintenance of Buildings, etc. Development for KLM/Northwest Airlines of a crew hotel in Amsterdam City and negotiating a long-term management contract with Golden Tulip Hotel Chain.


ECT B.V. Europe largest container terminal in Rotterdam/Europort Interim-manager responsible for restructuring and centralising all ECT purchasing activities and set up of new Purchasing Department solving
many integrity problems.


GVB Amsterdam, Public Transport Company of City of Amsterdam Interim-manager responsible for restructuring and downsizing of the technical maintenance departments of the Bus company (150 people, over 300 busses).
European tender to purchase large series of city-busses, building a new garage and maintenance workshops.


GVB Amsterdam, Metro company
Interim-manager responsible for the Technical Departments of the Metro. Responsible for purchase and maintenance of metro trains, rail infrastructure, stations and buildings, electrical installations and signal- and telecommunication
systems. Solving integrity problems.


Drinking water production and distribution company of city of Rotterdam. Interim-manager of engineering bureau and project bureau for large investment projects in pipe systems and purification plants.


N.V. The Hague Tramway Company (HTM)
Interim director of division developing new tram and bus lines, marketing and transportation statistics. Set up of project bureau for RandstadRail, a system of regional light rail between The Hague, Rotterdam and Delft. Part of this project was developing and securing finance of a 1250 meters long metro tunnel with station and parking garages in the city center of the Hague.


Delft Hydraulics Laboratories
Interim director of division for the Procesindustry. Reorganisation, complete restructuring, commercialisation, internationalisation of this engineering bureau and test house of pipe-systems and check-valves for the Process-industry, PowerStation's, Valve- and Flow-meter industry and all Dredging Companies.


TNO Road Vehicles Research Institute, Delft, The Netherlands.
International Consulting and Test house for the auto industry and its suppliers. Last five years director of the division of Car Crash Safety. Commercialisation and internationalisation of this governmental institute.
Car crash test laboratory, homologation of safety belts and child restraint systems, development and marketing of crash test simulation software and development and international sales of Crash test Dummies.
Since 1987 independent interim-manager, cooperating with top interim and consultant companies.